Why You Should Trust Your Photographer’s Location


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    Have you ever watched a photographer at work and seen them posing their subject in the middle of some relatively normal and un-spectacular place…and then seen the final image and wondered HOW in the WORLD they got such an average spot to look so darn amazing?! Well…we have too. It is one of the things that a photographer LOVES to do and takes pride in doing! There are so many factors to consider when creating a great photo and honestly the location is NOT the most important one. Knowing how to plan, position, manipulate, and foresee all the aspects of a great image means that we can take a very normal location and create some images that are anything but normal!

    This is often a point of concern for people who have hired a photographer, and understandably so. First, you obviously want to make sure you have hired a photographer who KNOWS how to do what we just described. But really, if we put OURSELVES in front of the camera, it is so easy to feel unsure about what the image will look like! We both have experienced this and it has really been an eye-opener for us, because it is easy for a photographer to forget when they are looking through the viewfinder and are creating their vision for a beautiful photo, that their subject can NOT see what the photographer sees. This can so easily make you super unsure and shake your confidence…especially when the location looks REALLY off-the-mark. Obviously, not every photographer is skilled at lighting, composition and artistic effects of the camera, but if you have seen your photographer’s images and you love them, we want to encourage you to TRUST your photographer right through that uncertain feeling!

    Again, we know the feeling. But if you can remember that your photographer is seeing something through their viewfinder that they LOVE, and trust them that they know what they’re doing, you will be able to enjoy your session so much more!! This really shows in your images too, and a big part of our work involves making our clients feel very comfortable because you see it in the images! The last thing you want to do is get focused on the location and start feeling like it’s not going to be a great shoot, and then your entire shoot you spend stressed out and upset because you feel like your photographer doesn’t know what they are doing…you are likely to see your images later and be amazed at what your photographer was able to do with the location, and you DON’T want to WISH you had looked happier in your photos! Right?!

    So really, this is for you! Choose a photographer whose work you love, and then choose to trust them about location! We always consider our clients’ desires about what they want in their images when we are choosing locations, and there’s nothing wrong with providing input for your photographer! BUT…in the end, just remember that your photographer does know best! Sometimes a location that looks amazing to you might have something missing that the photographer knows he or she NEEDS to make your photos shine! Aaaand, sometimes a location that just doesn’t seem that great to you might have something that sparks your photographer’s creative eye and they can make something absolutely beautiful out of it! Either way, we know it takes a bit of faith, but you will be so much happier with your experience AND your photos when you choose to trust your photographer!


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