Making The Most of your Wedding Photography! Part 3 | THE FIRST LOOK


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    We are Ashley and Shayne and we are wedding and family photographers based in Central Virginia! We love nature, the beach, the beautiful mountaintop views we are so lucky to have so close to us on the Skyline Drive, food, cameras, our HILARIOUS little boy Rhitten, animals (especially our strange cat, Baloo), weddings and serving Christ! Get to know us by following us here on our blog and by following us on our other sites:

    This is the third part of our series on making the most of your wedding photography and is all about the First Look! (If you are just joining the series, go back and start from the beginning at Part 1 here!) This is something we are very passionate about because we LOVE the First Look…so I apologize in advance if this post is long!! If you are doing a First Look, it is one of the most amazing parts of your wedding day…and because of this, we want you to plan ahead so that you get incredible images from it! Here are a few ways to plan ahead:

    1. Choose a LOCATION that is away from everything else! We happily take responsibility to choose your First Look location, but IF you prefer to choose, it is best to be secluded somewhere away from everyone. This eliminates distractions and allows you to both feel free to express yourselves openly! The First Look often induces tears and long embraces and you want to feel alone together. The more you feel like it is just the two of you, the more genuine your emotions and reactions will be…and that SHOWS in your images! (Another reason we LOVE the First Look…it allows the bride and groom to truly express how they feel and to focus on ONLY eachother for as long as they want!)
    2. Again, pay attention to the LIGHT. When we are selecting a First Look location, the lighting is super important! If you choose your location, make sure there is shade of some kind! The best kind of shade is soft, open shade…this means something that DIFFUSES the direct light more than BLOCKS it, and is open through the back so we can see light coming from behind you! Trees work great for this because they create more gentle shadows than structures do and they are open so that we can get light in the image behind you…if there is no light coming from behind you it can look like you are in front of a black hole! Bridges and arches can work, as long as there is light coming through from the other side. If you want to be indoors, try to ensure there are plenty of large windows so we get as much natural light as possible!
    3. Forget we are there. The First Look is for YOU. We will have time for the portraits, the poses, and the laughs at the camera later…right now, you two need to focus on eachother and only eachother! We will be less instructive and will stay as unintrustive as possible so you can forget we are even there. Don’t think about what you look like in your images…remember, you have planned ahead for that. Now it’s time to forget all of it and just be in love with eachother!! 🙂

    There are so many reasons to do a First Look…we will have to write a blog soon about WHY we love them so much! In the meantime, if you are doing a First Look…yay you!!…and we hope this blog was helpful! Part 4 will be about making your ceremony images SHINE!! Leave a comment for us and let us know if this helped you!

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