Making The Most of your Wedding Photography! Part 2 | GETTING READY


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    We are Ashley and Shayne and we are wedding and family photographers based in Central Virginia! We love nature, the beach, the beautiful mountaintop views we are so lucky to have so close to us on the Skyline Drive, food, cameras, our HILARIOUS little boy Rhitten, animals (especially our strange cat, Baloo), weddings and serving Christ! Get to know us by following us here on our blog and by following us on our other sites:

    This is Part 2 of a series we are doing to help you have the best possible wedding experience and get the best possible images from it! The last section was about the details (read it here), so this section will be about the part of your day that immediately follows…GETTING READY!!

    1. Think about the LIGHT…you may have noticed how this comes up a lot with us! It is simply the first and most important aspect of photography and so it is important to keep in mind! The best idea is to keep this in mind during ALL of your planning…right from the very beginning! When you are choosing WHERE you will be getting ready, be thinking about the light. The ideal getting ready location will have a lot of natural light…this means as many windows and open areas as possible! Nothing matches natural sunlight, and although we are very capable of using our lighting to brighten dark spaces, no artificial lighting will ever look the same way sunlight does. Because of this, choose areas where there are large windows, open doorways, or even open-air locations when selecting your getting ready spot!!
    2. This is a tip we advise for more than just this portion of the wedding day…take it SLOW! This doesn’t mean put off getting ready, or dragging your feet obviously, but don’t rush! It is easy to feel like you are in a hurry and to only be focused on the ceremony coming up…but slow down and take it all in!! It is totally worth it to PLAN ahead by adding extra time to your getting ready schedule so that you know you can enjoy all that time with your best friends and really savor each moment and make it a lasting memory! It also gives us plenty of time to be creative with our shots!
    3. Have your mom and your bridesmaids get ready FIRST!! More than likely, these people will be in your getting ready photos…making sure they are dressed before you are allows them to focus on YOU and ensures they won’t get behind schedule! This allows us to use them for really sweet getting ready photos and ensures they look their best in your images!

    Next, we talk about the FIRST LOOK!! Leave a comment and let us know if this was helpful for you…and feel free to share with your friends who may be getting married! This information is helpful no matter who your photographer is!!

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