This is Part 2 of a series we are doing to help you have the best possible wedding experience and get the best possible images from it! The last section was about the details (read it here), so this section will be about the part of your day that immediately follows…GETTING READY!! Think about the […]

It is amazing what fresh air and warm weather can do to motivate and inspire! The past few days have been BEAUTIFUL…we had 70-degree weather here in Virginia and it’s still February! We absolutely love being outdoors and it has been so hard being stuck inside constantly this winter, working away. We took Rhitten out […]

Hey all!! This is part one of a series of posts we will be sharing with you about how to get the most out of your wedding photography! We wanted to share some information that would be super helpful to our brides and we felt that this is the most important thing we could think […]

This is something most people never really think about when looking for a photographer, but it is truly important and is something that distinguishes who we are and our style of photography. As you already know, we LOVE bright, airy, crisp, warm and glowy images!! The BEST way to get images like this is to […]

I had the privledge of working with Veronica when I worked at the animal clinic and during that time we were able to become good friends! Anytime checking the schedule and seeing that we would be working together, I knew it would be a great day and full of laughs! Not only was she a […]

I remember loving snow days as a kid growing up. No school; mom’s homemade hot chocolate cooking on the stove; getting to play outside for hours in the snow with my sibilings, building snowmen (and ladies) and igloos; sledding down the biggest hills we could find and snowball fights…but as I got older I started liking the […]

It’s been almost SIX years since the first time I met Trube! Shayne grew up being friends with her family and Trube and his little sister Ruth have been best friends for YEARS! The first thing I noticed about her when we first met was her contagious laughter. It doesn’t matter where we are or the […]

Rhitten’s first birthday party was such a blast! The party was circus themed and we spent SO much time getting everything together…practically everything was made by hand. By us. We were literally up until after 5am that morning baking cupcakes and his smash cake (AWESOME healthy recipe for Rhitten’s cake and the icing, which we altered […]

Today I got to feeling a little melancholy. We threw a party for Rhitten’s first birthday and it was AWESOME, but I kept thinking about those in my family that could not be there for it. Yes there were a lot of people there and the party was a total success…(we will post about it […]

Almost a year ago, Rhitten was born.  God blessed us with so much more than we even knew at the time…we had spent nine months wondering what he would look like, sound like, and act like. We wondered what it would be like to watch him grow. Let me just say that it is the […]

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